Horse trainer

                Mr. Fertillet has been established as a thoroughbred racehorse        trainer in the Western Loire Valley town of Nozay (department of Loire-Atlantique) for over 30 years now. Today, counting a total over 2150 wins, the Fertillet Racing Stable continues to build on its reputation for success. Constantly evolving, always striving to optimise training strategies, Fertillet’s aim is to harness the potential he sees in today’s and tomorrow’s top-class racehorses.The Fertillet Training Facility, situated in the Le Creuset district (known as a ‘Lieu-Dit’ in French), was erected in 1954 by Yannick’s grandfather. The property upon which the training complex lies, initially a mere thirty hectares, has since tripled in size to over 100 hectares and been upgraded over time to become a state-of-the-art training infrastructure. It now serves as the Fertillet Racing Stables’ principal place of business.